Sunday, March 4, 2012

A note about my classmate

Still in Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya

My first time in a class, in my higher education

Thus, the time has given it's period for us to meet and get acquainted. And soon, we'll separate. Smile, laugh, sadness, happiness, frustration, disappointment, and a little thing called love are all of the stuffs have become a part of our togetherness.  a great thing fulfill our daily meeting.

Well guys, maybe I'm not a good friend for you. And my appearance was just over by my mistake. But some how, meet and know you is an awesome thing I got from Allah. I don't know how and what our future will be. This is just my travelogues. And you are part of these.
And it's just my simple pray to meet you anymore. To finish something which hasn't finished yet. To begin one new thing if it's justifiable. Because there are too much memoirs created, because there are too much unspoken promises should be proven, because there are too much unforgettable moments, because there are too much time spent in silence. 

Some of my friend's face in the first year.

 Do you realize, how long we know each other? time walks so fast, and in the last time we have just realized that there are so many things we haven't known well.


  1. kekekeke...welcome dah salam dari Aries DC 00....