Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a ....

It has been long time I leave this page. I want to write something here, but it's complicated to write a usefull thing or just a funny thing. Well, everything has been changed and life must go on. and sometimes was difficult for me. I fall down, I was tired, I felt hurt, and now I have just tried to make it better, and learn to stand by me.
Sometimes I feel that I'm in wrong direction and can't back to the right way. And indeed, time makes it impossible to change my direction. I feel I fall down and loose control to my life. No body knows, no body see, no body cares about it.
Fortunately there always people care on me, altough just a few. Some people who remain me to pray, help me control my life, help me to find something to do, and make me believe in my direction and destination there I wat to reach. And fortunately I still remember to struggle, to still be strong, to never give up for this one.


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